The Emerald Isle: Studying for a MiM Degree in Ireland
As the EU’s only English speaking country, Ireland acts as gateway to Europe, while also having strong ties to the global economy and excellent employment prospects, plus lifestyle perks

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Germany was relatively late the Master’s in Management (MiM) game — courses did not appear there until about 2005. However, a Master’s in Management in Germany has quickly become a coveted degree, among international and domestic students. See the Top Master's in Management programs in Germany here.

Business schools have teamed up with other academic departments to jointly offer master’s degrees in economics, or dual degrees in related fields such as finance. Gradautes will go on to work in government, central banking, international organizations and private sector groups such as economic consultancies. In addition, these courses also serve as an excellent foundation for PhD programs and other research-focused roles.

The Master in Management (MiM) degree was created in France, so it is not surprising that the country is still home to the largest collection of the best programs, as ranked by publications such as The Economist and Financial Times.