Using an MiM to Land a Job in Canada
There is a breadth of career opportunities, owing to the country’s welcome immigration policies and multiculturalism

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Financial services have gotten a bad rap since the global financial crisis, but it remains one of the most attractive and lucrative career paths. See the Top MSc in Finance programs here.

The UK may be home to some of the world’s most respected academic institutions, but that does not mean that studying in the region necessarily breaks the bank. There are many highly ranked business schools that afford affordable masters in management degrees. And quality is assured by their accreditations from agencies such as AACSB and AMBA.

Germany was relatively late the Master’s in Management (MiM) game — courses did not appear there until about 2005. However, a Master’s in Management in Germany has quickly become a coveted degree, among international and domestic students. See the Top Master's in Management programs in Germany here.